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'New thinking' needed to boost adult learning

Learning throughout life must be at the heart of the UK’s plans for the future, according to Stephen Evans, the chief executive of the Learning and Work institute.

Speaking at the Festival of Learning last month - formerly known as Adult Learners’ Week - Mr Evans said that improving access to learning and skills is the closest “we have to a silver bullet” to overcome uncertainty following June’s Brexit vote.

“This year’s Festival of Learning takes place in the context of the Brexit vote and uncertainty over the future,” said Mr Evans.

“We have a new government, led by a new Prime Minister who has set out an ambition to lead the country so that it ‘works for everyone’. Improving access to learning and skills is the closest we have to a silver bullet for achieving this.

“At Learning and Work Institute, we believe that learning throughout life must be at the heart of the Prime Minister's plan to achieve her ambition. As well as that, we need new thinking to inspire adults to get back into learning.”

The Festival of Learning Awards 2016 recognises individuals and institutions who have contributed to improving learning opportunities across the country. This year, the event took place in Birmingham.

The Learning and Work Institute recognises the benefits of adult learning. It can help career prospects and open up opportunities that may not have been previously available.

Taking in information and gaining new skills can help to keep both mind and body stimulated, with studies claiming that adult learning helps ward off health problems later in life, like Alzheimer's disease and dementia.


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