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 TitleDelivery Cost
1.1 - Promoting Effective Communication in Health and Social CareOnline£15
1.2 - Meeting the Communication Needs of IndividualsOnline£15
1.3 - ConfidentialityOnline£15
17th Edition (BS7671:2008) EAL and City & Guilds 2382-10Online£399
17th Edition First AmendmentOnline£49.5
2.1 - Producing a Personal Development PlanOnline£15
2.2 - Learning Opportunities and Reflective Practice in Health and Social CareOnline£15
3 - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Social CareOnline£15
4 - Safeguarding in Health and Social CareOnline£15
5.1 - Duty of Health and Social CareOnline£15
5.2 - Agreed Ways of Working: Complaints and IncidentsOnline£15
5S EssentialsOnline£30
5S Productivity SuiteOnline£50
6 - Your Job RoleOnline£15
6S Productivity SuiteOnline£60
7.1 - A Person - Centered ApproachOnline£15
7.2 - Active Participation: Helping People to Help ThemselvesOnline£15
7.3 - Promoting Emotional and Spiritual Well-BeingOnline£15
7.4 - ConsentOnline£15
8.1 - Health and Safety Roles and Responsibilities in Health and Social careOnline£15
8.10 - Reducing the Spread of InfectionOnline£15
8.11 - Food SafetyOnline£15
8.12 Nutrition and HydrationOnline£15
8.2 - Risk Assessments in Health and Social CareOnline£15
8.3 - Responding to Accidents and Sudden Illnesses in a Health and Social Care SettingOnline£15
8.4 - Moving and Assisting People, and Moving and Handling Objects in a Health and Social Care SettingOnline£15
8.5 - Medication TasksOnline£15
8.6 - Handling Hazardous SubstancesOnline£15
8.7 - Promoting Fire SafetyOnline£15
8.8 - Security at workOnline£15
8.9 - Managing Stress in Health and Social CareOnline£15
9 - Handling InformationOnline£15
A New Approach to Child PovertyOnline£30
An Introduction to Behaviour Change Techniques£30
An Introduction to Contract ManagementOnline£30
An Introduction to Estate ServicesOnline£30
An Introduction to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Forced Marriage, Spirit Possession and Honour Based ViolenceOnline£30
An Introduction to Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)Online£15
An Introduction to Governance for Registered Social Landlords in ScotlandOnline£20
An Introduction to Governance for Social Housing ProvidersOnline£20
An Introduction to Health and Safety a WorkOnline£15
An Introduction to Risk AssessmentOnline£30
An Introduction to Safeguarding ChildrenOnline£30
An Introduction to Slips, Trips and Falls in the WorkplaceOnline£30
An Introduction to Social HousingOnline£30
An Introduction to Social Housing in ScotlandOnline£30
An Introduction to Social Media for BusinessOnline£15
An Introduction to TelemedicineOnline£30
An Introduction to the Autism SpectrumOnline£30
An Introduction to the New Regulatory Framework for Social Housing in ScotlandOnline£20
An Introduction to the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire in EnglandOnline£30
An Introduction to Welding SafetyOnline£15
An Overview of COSHHOnline£15
An Overview of Medical TerminologyOnline£30
Anaphylaxis AwarenessOnline£30
Apprenticeship Foundation Level PackageOnline£40
Apprenticeship Foundation: Employee Rights and ResponsibilitiesOnline£15
Apprenticeship Foundation: Equality and DiversityOnline£15
Apprenticeship Foundation: InductionOnline£15
Apprenticeship Foundation: Introduction to Health and SafetyOnline£15
Apprenticeship Foundation: Learner CharterOnline£15
Apprenticeship Foundation: Personal Learning and ThinkingOnline£15
Aseptic TechniquesOnline£30
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect (Scotland) Foundation£30
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - CoreOnline£30
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - FoundationOnline£30
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - PoliceOnline£30
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect Young People VersionOnline£30
Awareness of Domestic Violence and AbuseOnline£30
Awareness of Legionnaires' DiseaseOnline£30
Basic Awareness of Child and Adult Sexual ExploitationOnline£30
BS 7671:2008 Incl. Amendment 3 (2015) 17th Edition IET Wiring RegulationsOnline£349
Business Protection PackOnline£99
Capacity and DemandOnline£30
CAST - Compressed Air System TechnologyOnline£385
Child Accident PreventionOnline£30
Childhood Obesity and HENRYOnline£30
Children's and Young People's Development in Health and Social Care SettingsOnline£30
Climbing the Career LadderOnline£30
Collaborative Working: A Whole Family ApproachOnline£30
Common Core of Skills and KnowledgeOnline£30
Communication in Health and Social Care or Children's and Young People's SettingsOnline£30
Completing Application Forms£15
Confidentiality for HealthcareOnline£30
Confidentiality in the WorkplaceOnline£30
Conflict Resolution for HealthcareOnline£30
Conflict Resolution in the WorkplaceOnline£30
Consumer Contracts - Distance SalesOnline£30
Consumer Contracts - Off-Premises SalesOnline£30
Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen)Online£30
COSHH in a Food EnvironmentOnline£20
Customer CareOnline£30
Customer Excellence for Frontline StaffOnline£30
Data Protection at WorkOnline£30
Dealing with Anti-Social BehaviourOnline£30
Dementia AwarenessOnline£30
Deprivation of Liberty SafeguardsOnline£30
Dignity in Care£30
Display Screen Equipment and Workstation Health and SafetyOnline£30
Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's SettingsOnline£30
Early Child Development - FoundationOnline£30
Effective Anti-Social Behaviour - EnforcementOnline£30
Effective Anti-Social Behaviour - ManagementOnline£30
Equal Opportunities and the LawOnline£30
Equality & DiversityOnline£30
Equality & Diversity for Contractors - Getting it right!Online£30
Equality and Diversity for HealthcareOnline£30
Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's SettingsOnline£30
eSafety - Guidance for PractitionersOnline£30
Essentials of Information Governance TIGEROnline£30
Evacuation PlanningOnline£30
Falls and Fracture Prevention in Older PeopleOnline£30
Fire Safety TrainingOnline£20
First Aid - The Primary SurveyOnline£30
Food Allergy Awareness TrainingOnline£15
HACCP for Supervisors and ManagersOnline£125
Handling Information in Health and Social Care SettingsOnline£30
Hate CrimeOnline£30
Health and Safety at WorkOnline£30
Health and Safety for HealthcareOnline£30
Health and Safety in a Food EnvironmentOnline£30
Health and Safety in Health and Social Care SettingsOnline£30
Health RecordsOnline£30
Healthy LivingOnline£30
Hidden HarmOnline£30
Hospitality: Cleaning and ServicingOnline£30
Hospitality: Effective Working RelationshipsOnline£30
Hospitality: Food HygieneOnline£30
Hospitality: Giving Customers a Positive ImpressionOnline£30
Hospitality: Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism£30
Hospitality: Safe, Hygienic and Secure Working EnvironmentsOnline£30
How to carry out Portable Appliance Testing£30
How to Delegate EffectivelyOnline£30
How to Develop a Culture of Openness and TrustOnline£30
How to Develop an Effective InductionOnline£30
How to Manage CapabilityOnline£30
How to Manage CoachingOnline£30
How to Manage ConflictOnline£30
How to Manage Discipline and Grievance£30
How to Manage Effective MeetingsOnline£30
How to Manage Equality and DiversityOnline£30
How to Manage Learning and DevelopmentOnline£30
How to Manage Performance ReviewsOnline£30
How to Manage Recruitment and SelectionOnline£30
How to Manage Redundancy£30
How to Manage RetirementOnline£30
How to Manage Sickness and AbsenceOnline£30
How to Manage Through ChangeOnline£30
How to Manage VolunteersOnline£30
How to Manage Working ParentsOnline£30
How to Recognise and Reward Your TeamOnline£30
Identifying Engineering MaterialsOnline£30
IG ManagementOnline£30
Industrial Environment AwarenessOnline£30
Infection Prevention and ControlOnline£30
Infection Prevention and Control - Non-Clinical GuidanceOnline£30
Information Quality AssuranceOnline£30
Information SharingOnline£30
Integrated Working Early Help Assessment; Information Sharing Lead ProfessionalOnline£30
Interview SkillsOnline£15
Introducing Telecare and TelehealthOnline£30
Introduction to Insulin Safety: An Introduction for EveryoneOnline£15
IOSH Passport to SafetyOnline£95
IOSH Working SafelyOnline£95
Lean Healthcare OverviewOnline£30
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Awareness£30
Level 2 Award in Environmental AwarenessOnline£60
Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering (including City and Guilds Accredited Certificate)Online£25
Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Manufacturing (including City and Guilds Accredited Certificate)Online£25
Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Retail (including City and Guilds Accredited Certificate)Online£25
Level 2 HACCP Training CourseOnline£25
Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical InstallationsBlended£465
Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations & Environmental Awareness Saver PackageOnline£475
Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for SupervisorsOnline£125
Level 3 HACCP Training£99
Lone Working in HealthcareOnline£15
Managing a HomeOnline£30
Managing AttendanceOnline£150
Managing Finances in Local AuthoritiesOnline£30
Managing Stress and PressureOnline£30
Managing Your Professional Digital ProfileOnline£30
Manual Handling for Parents and CarersOnline£30
Manual Handling in the WorkplaceOnline£30
Medication AwarenessOnline£30
Mental Capacity ActOnline£30
Money Matters - Financial InclusionOnline£30
Moving and Handling Objects and PeopleOnline£30
Moving Loads by Lifting and SlingingOnline£30
National Curriculum for Training of Healthcare Professionals Who Care for Children & Young People with Diabetes Mellitus, Level1Online£99
Nutrition, Healthier Foods & Special Diets - FoundationOnline£45
NVQ A1 Assessor AwardBlended£650
Omitted and Delayed Medicines in HospitalsOnline£30
Online Food and Fire Training Pack - including Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering and Fire Safety Training.Online£30
Online Safety Training Pack - Including Fire Awareness and Health and Safety Training.Online£39
Opening Doors: Equality, Diversity and Cultural AwarenessOnline£30
Parental Mental HealthOnline£30
Pathways through painOnline£50
Payment Card Industry - Data Security StandardOnline£30
Person-Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care SettingsOnline£30
Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's SettingsOnline£30
Personal Safety for Lone WorkersOnline£15
Personalising and Assessing Need in Care and Support PlanningOnline£30
Plain EnglishOnline£30
Positive Attitudes and BehavioursOnline£15
Presentation SkillsOnline£30
Prevention of Underage SalesOnline£15
Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children and Young People's Settings (Wales)Online£30
Principles of Managing Information and Producing DocumentsOnline£30
Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business EnvironmentOnline£30
Principles of Providing Administrative ServiceOnline£30
Problem SolvingOnline£30
Process Flow Analysis (PFA)Online£30
Professional BoundariesOnline£30
Professional Individual Membership (PIM) of the Healthcare e-AcademyOnline£45
Professional Individual Membership (PIM) of the Housing e-AcademyOnline£45
Professional Individual Membership (PIM) of the Lean Healthcare AcademyOnline£45
Right from the Start with HENRYOnline£30
Risk Assessment in SafeguardingOnline£30
Risk Assessment on Site and at Work TrainingOnline£30
Risk Taking Behaviour£30
Runaways - South Yorkshire ProtocolOnline£30
Safe Management of Diabetes During End of Life CareOnline£20
Safe Management of Diabetes in PregnancyOnline£30
Safe Management of People with Diabetes, Dementia, Depression and Severe Mental IllnessOnline£30
Safe Management of the Diabetic FootOnline£30
Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the Risk of SIDSOnline£30
Safe Use of Insulin: AdministrationOnline£15
Safe Use of Insulin: Prepare and PrescribeOnline£15
Safeguarding AdultsOnline£30
Safeguarding Adults (POVA)Online£30
Safeguarding and LeadershipOnline£30
Safeguarding Children and Young People from Abuse by Sexual ExploitationOnline£30
Safeguarding Children Refresher TrainingOnline£30
Safeguarding Everyone - Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at RiskOnline£30
Safer RecruitmentOnline£30
Safer Working PracticesOnline£30
Self CareOnline£30
Self-Assessment and Action Planning for EmployabilityOnline£15
Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts in Children and Young PeopleOnline£30
Short Breaks for Disabled ChildrenOnline£30
Skeletal TerminologyOnline£30
Solar PV InstallationOnline£340
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)Online£30
Storing and Selling Fireworks Safely and LegallyOnline£15
Strategic Managers Integrated Working - Common Assessment Framework (CAF)Online£30
Supervision and Appraisal in Early Years SettingsOnline£30
Supervisions online course from Sue Overton Applied PracticeOnline£45
Teenage PregnancyOnline£30
The Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Dysfunction in AdultsOnline£30
The Basics of Tenancy Management£30
The Bribery Act 2010Online£30
The Connected Baby Series. Motorways & the brain: The processes of neural developmentOnline£50
The Consumer Rights Act 2015£30
The Management of Urinary Catheterisation for AdultsOnline£30
The Principle Provisions of the Welfare Reform Act 2012Online£20
The Principles of Effective Income ManagementOnline£30
The Regulatory Framework For Social Housing In EnglandOnline£20
The Role of the Health and Social Care WorkerOnline£30
The Safe Management of HypoglycaemiaOnline£30
The Safe Use of InsulinOnline£30
The Safe Use of Insulin Syringes, Pen Devices, Pumps and SharpsOnline£30
The Safe Use of Intravenous Insulin Infusion in AdultsOnline£30
The Safe Use of Non-Insulin Therapies for DiabetesOnline£30
Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay SafeOnline£30
Tiger CaldicottOnline£30
Tiger Data ProtectionOnline£30
Tiger Freedom of InformationOnline£30
Tiger Information SecurityOnline£30
Time ManagementOnline£30
Tissue ViabilityOnline£30
Trades e-Academy MembershipOnline£60
Trading FairlyOnline£30
Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery£30
Understand How to Support Individuals with Autism Spectrum ConditionsOnline£30
Understanding Gypsy and Irish Traveller Identity in SocietyOnline£30
Understanding HACCPOnline£30
Understanding Pathways to Extremism and the Prevent Programme£30
Understanding the Principles of Customer ServiceOnline£30
Understanding the Role of the ManagerOnline£30
Understanding the Rules of Customer ServiceOnline£30
Understanding the Use of Communication in Customer ServiceOnline£30
Value for MoneyOnline£30
Visual ManagementOnline£30
Wellbeing in Sexual Health - BlackpoolOnline£30
Working at HeightsOnline£30
Working Safely in an Engineering EnvironmentOnline£30
Working Safely with Compressed AirOnline£30
Working with Children with DisabilitiesOnline£30
Writing an Effective CVOnline£15
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